Men's Mobile Bespoke Tailoring

Work Suits (2 piece) from £600
Royal seal from £1,750
Wedding Suit from £950

Bespoke service tailored to suit every occasion. Group bookings are available, make your next suit a keyelondon piece.

  • Once booked an agent will call you within 48 hours to arrange your unique consultation.
  • Holding deposit is used towards your final balance to pay after the consultation.

Your style journey begins with a brief chat on the phone, followed by an in-depth, face-to-face consultation at a location of your choosing. 

Put your mind at ease and enjoy the experience of: 

  • Expert guidance on a bespoke style to match your body shape, personality and occasion.
  • A detailed tailoring process - over 40 of your measurements taken so nothing is overlooked.
  • Understanding how to choose from over 100 fabrics will complement your look and style. 
  • Deciding how many tailored pieces will meet your needs and have you feeling your best.