Visor Face Mask (Face Shield)

Due the Corona virus and in response to the demand for wearing protective GEAR, we have now started to supply face masks.

For added protection, our masks come with an in built filter compartment for PM2.5 filters. our masks can be worn with or without the filters.

Our Masks are built to suspend Particles, Dust, pollen, Exhaust Fumes and also blocks bacteria in the air. It is soft, comfortable to wear and absorbs moisture Effectively.

It comes in 5 colours Black, Blue, Red, Grey and Purple 

  • Facial respiratory protection for non-medical use
  • Visor eye protection
  • Low air resistance
  • Reusable & Washable with PM2.5 Activated Carbon Filter
  • Option of a vent to support Smoother Breathing
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Free pm2.5 filter (Which is also REVERSIBLE)

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