Why Men Need To Get Cultured Via Style

Why Men Need To Get Cultured Via Style

Culture is said to be a way of life, but I see it to be the way you dress to portray your culture. The way you dress shows a relative picture of the culture you belong to. As clothing have a vital role to play as it affects the behaviour of humans.

In Africa, their mode of dressing signifies creativity, status and allegiance to relate to the African roots African tribal roots. For example, in Nigeria, the Igbo the traditional red cap signifies pains and suffering Igbo people experienced before they could progress.

Anyone who wears the cap would definitely be respected as a conqueror.

Still using Nigeria as a case study, the popular Yoruba “agbada” and “sokoto” displays a prominent nature of the men. It indicates how voluminous they are.

 As popular as it is in the Yoruba land, the agbada is not exclusive to the Yoruba alone, being found in other parts of the Africa continent.

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