It was already six o’clock in the evening and I just got finished for the day. As I approached the elevator, I could not help but notice a man in a suit.  Not just any piece of clothing that I saw all day in the boardroom but a high degree of complexity. His appearance was refined and yet laid back with his hands in his pockets.


He wore a crisp shirt, a jacket that revealed exquisite detail, and fitted pants. I admit, I stared at the smooth attire that gave him an armour of confidence. Seeing a man in a good suit awakened a sense of warm intrigue.


In my mind, he was automatically labelled sexy, charismatic, and definitely confident. I became eager to know who this gentleman was that personified excellence as he stood, spoke, and walked.

He politely gestured for me to enter the elevator and then quickly asked what floor I was going to. I originally wanted to blurt out “anywhere with you” but the ground floor was the reality. Suddenly he turned around to face me and said something quite unexpected, that I had a lovely smile and he looked forward to seeing it every day. His comment caught me off guard.



I asked, “Do I know you from somewhere?” He found my question amusing because he let out a chuckle and then replied, “We have never been formally introduced but every morning you and I wait in line for coffee at the shop across from this building.


I guess it’s because I’m wearing a suit today.” “You look stunning. I couldn’t help but stare.” I complimented him. “This is a Keye London” he said pulling on the left side of the jacket so I could catch a glimpse of the intricately designed logo on the inside of the jacket.


I looked at him puzzled and he smiled and said “why don’t I tell you more about my designer over cake and coffee?”  I smiled coyly and said “sure, see you in the coffee line tomorrow morning”.


by D.styles