Real wedding: A very happy Client's Testimonial

Special occasions seldom come around. Sure, there are glorious days, happy hours and forever moments… but a special occasion is a different proposition. In my book, my wedding to the love-of-my-life falls slap-bang in the middle of special and occasion, and as such I had to ensure I was clothed accordingly.


I met Keye, the founder of Keye London, at a social gathering. Actually, I noticed Keye’s impeccable dressing before we exchanged words.

As the evening wore on, I also found through conversation that the appearance matched and accentuated the personality.Bold, classy and unique.

They say the clothes make the man, but in this case the man also made his clothes. It was brilliant advertising and it was immediately clear to me that this groom had found his tailor.

My initial consultation went swimmingly. Keye is passionate about design, knowledgeable about fabrics and exudes a distinctive style.

More importantly, Keye spent time to know me and to understand what I am comfortable with. With his guidance, we were able to decide on something with a bit more flair for that extra wow factor.

Throughout the fitting process, Keye’ s attention to detail, professionalism, and immaculate craftsmanship was evident.

I was indeed blown away by the final product. (Spoiler alert, the wife was well. 

Indeed several wedding guests approached me to ask for details about how I got my suit. Of course, I promptly introduced them to Keye.

Of course, I promptly introduced them to Keye. I whole-heartedly recommend Keye London for all your suiting needs.

Thank you from Bode Ajaja and Wifey.